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Explainer Video Designer | Animated Story Designer | Explainer Video Production New York USA

ArtistVijay - (Individual - Freelancer - Entrepreneur) Explainer Video Designer for Indian, United States, New York USA, Dubai and overseas companies.

Hey Guys, Welcome to our Channel. Hope you are doing good. So Today, in this video I am giving you the information about my explainer video design services. Some people call it Animated Videos or Story Videos also.

So there are mainly two types of explainer videos. One with Human Character and other without Human character.

How we design an explainer video?

First, we get a brief from our client and we design a story board for it. If we are explaing about Buyer Journey in our video or we are showing connection/relation between Manufacturer and buyer. Than we need to use Character Animation in our videos to make understand to our target audience about our product or services. If we are creating an explainer video for a mobile application, where we are explaining "How to use this Application". There is no compulsion to show human character. We can show all the functionality of our application using Animation in a mobile phone.

We can start the video from Intro, than we can show Login or Signup screens. Than we explain about - How to buy our product or services and other important features and functionality of the app. And in the last, we show our contact information and Calls to Action in Outro Screen.

So guys this is how we design explainer videos. The technical process of designing an explainer video is very lengthy. It takes to complete the full video.

So guy you saw in above video that how i designed the explainer video for my existing client. If you like my work and want me to design your next explainer video, Let's discuss together about your next project.

If you are a company / organization / studio and looking for Professional Explainer Video Designer near you or remotely, Feel free to contact ArtistVijay.

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