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Freelance Graphics Designer in India for USA Clients

Are you Running a Company in United States of America (USA) and looking for a Freelance Graphics Designer from India?

You are at the Right Place.

Freelance graphic designer in india for usa clients

Hi, This is Vijay Kumar. I am a Freelance Graphics Designer and Animator in India. I have more than seven years of experience in Graphics Design, Motion Graphics and 2D & 3D Animations. During my experience I have worked with many companies. In the companies mostly I worked with United States Clients for Graphics Design, Social Media, Website Design and Animation Video needs.

Not only I worked with USA clients, I learnt may things from them in the area of graphics such as :

  1. Clean Layout

  2. Importance of White Space

  3. Simple and less crowded Layout

  4. Smooth and Bright Colors

  5. Creative Thinking and more.

Please click on the links below and visit the Portfolio section to see my best work.

  1. Graphics Design

  2. Website Design

  3. Logo Design

  4. UI/UX Design

  5. Infographics Design

  6. Illustrations

  7. Motion Graphics & Animations

If you have any query regarding Graphics Design or You want to hire me as a Freelancer, Feel free to Contact on

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