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Wix SEO Expert | Wix SEO Specialist | How to Rank Wix website on Google - USA India Canada

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Dear Visitors, this is Vijay Kumar from India. Here I am sharing information about our Wix SEO services. We provide Wix SEO services in India, United States (USA), Canada and all over the world - Remotely.

Wix Seo Expert in United States Canada India
Wix Seo Expert United States | Canada | India

Wix is a very powerful platform for designing websites and ranking high on google. More than 10 million people uses Wix Platform for designing Websites. But in terms of SEO they are not able to rank their website. It is not a fault of Wix Platform. It is our fault that we are not using Wix properly and we are not following the SEO instructions given by Wix team.

Before Starting, I am showing you the Proof of our own Wix Website that we have ranked on 1st page of google. We provide Broadcast / TV / News Channel Graphics Design Services also. So we have ranked our website for Broadcast or News channel related keywords - Location is USA and India.

How we work on Wix SEO?

First, we get brief from clients about their services. For example if they provide "Broadcast graphics design services". We deeply research about their services and market competition of their services. During the research we understand the behaviour of their target audience.

What keywords their target audience is using on google to find Broadcast Graphics Design Services? To Find the right keyword, is main thing of SEO.

We make Categories of Keywords - Primary, Secondary and Mix.

Primary Keyword, is a main keyword that 80% audience uses. For example "Broadcast Graphics Designer in USA"

Secondary Keyword, Includes related words. For example "Broadcast Motion Design Artist in USA, Motion graphics Designer in USA"

Mix keywords, includes assumptions and close words. For example "TV channel logo designer, new channel graphics designer, logo designer for TV channels, 3D motion graphics designer" etc.

How we use the above keywords on Website Pages and SEO section?

We use the Primary Keyword intelligently in URLs slug, in Wix SEO section of respective page. Some part of Primary Keyword and Some part of Secondary Keywords Needs to be used in Title logically/intelligently. Than Primary, Secondary and Mixed keywords needs to be used in description or paragraph section.

The above method of WIX SEO is main part but this is not enough. There are hundreds of things are also there to make strong to WIX SEO which includes, Videos, Alt Text, Tags, Hyperlinks, sitemap, Navigation, Naming, Structured Data, Page Linking etc.

Using the above technique we should keep adding Related content to our website on Weekly Basis. Now our Website will start ranking in few days.

How many days it takes to start Ranking on Google?

It takes at least 8 days to crawl the website pages on google. It also depends on google search console. When we add Blog and New Pages on our Website it takes at least 8 days to show on google search. So we should write the content on weekly basis in Blog format. We should also keep posting on social media about our product and services on daily basis.

Do you need to list your website on other Business Listing Websites to increase visibility?

It is a plus point, But keep writing content is better for long term Visibility.

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