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Wix Website Designer in India

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Are you Jumping from to another Platform?

Hi everyone, this is ArtistVijay am using platform (for last 6 years) for my own website and client's Website. Wix is very powerful platform if we know how to use it exactly. Most of the people doesn't know how to use it properly, the result is they jump to other platform. Some people says #Wix Website takes time to load and it is complicated to customize the layouts etc. I was also facing the same issue due to my incomplete knowledge about Wix. Than I go through some Wix templates and read few articles about speeding-up the site and I got the results I want.

In terms of UX, Wix is very very easy to use platform. The Best part is, it's powerful SEO Tool. Which helped me Very much. Wix includes must have tools like, SEO, E-Markting, Design etc.

I am an Art Director in Graphics and Animation (not a web developer) but I am working on each functionality, customization and designing using Wix for my clients.

Thank you Wix and team.

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