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How we collect personal information?

Information that you specifically give us.

While you use our products and services you may be asked to provide certain types of personal information. This might happen through our website, applications, online chat systems, telephone or in-person meetings. We will give you a Collection Notice at the time, to explain how we will use the personal information we are asking for. The notice may be written or verbal.


We may request, collect, or process the following information:

  • Account Details - username, password, profile picture.

  • Contact Details - email address, phone number.

  • Location Details - physical address, billing address, timezone.

  • Financial Information - credit card details, wire transfer details, payment processor details (e.g. skrill, paypal).

  • We may use your contact details like email id, phone no. etc. to send you promotional messages.

We can add more services on our website in future. So privacy policy, term and conditions can be change accordingly in future.

Note : This is Vijay Kumar. I am running this website. I am a Graphics Designer-cum-freelancer. The purpose of this website to show my products and services to the target audiance, So they can contact me easily.

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