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Our Return or Refund Policy

How we Return/Refund. 

  • If you are buying our Graphics Related Services and you are not satisfied with our services. We are agreed to refund your money.

  • If you are buying our digital product like e-book, Video or Downloads, Digital products can't be return/refundable because they are copyable/leakable.

  • If we sell any physical product in future that will be returnable and refundable accordingly.

  • If someone do checkout on our website and not able to download the product, we will help them accordingly.

We may add more product or services in future. So the policies can be changed accordingly.

Note : This is Vijay Kumar. I am a Graphics Designer-cum-freelancer. I am running this website. The purpose of this website to show my products and services to the target audiance, So they can contact me easily.

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