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Term & Conditions

By using this website you are agreed to follow these term and conditions. 

  • This website is created by Vijay Kumar (Individual Graphics Designer and freelancer). You will not use any image, graphic or anything from this website without the website owner's permission.

  • You are't allowed to use anything from website for your commercial use.

  • You can't send any data of this website to third party without our permission.

  • You are't allowed to use this website/URLs to paste on the other websites/blog, which might cause of affecting the reputation/trust of our services in negative manner.

  • You can not use our logo and branding elements to paste in your content.

  • You are not allowed to use our name anywhere in direct or indirect way.

Terms and Conditions can change or add in future according to the services/product of this website. It's your responsibility to read updated T&C carefully.

Note : This is Vijay Kumar. I am a Graphics Designer-cum-freelancer. I am running this website. The purpose of this website to show my products and services to the target audience, So they can contact me easily.

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